Human Nature Pollution Defense Mask Review

My skin has calmed down a bit, getting only a few small zits compared to the big cystic ones I experienced a couple of months. I explored and upped my skin care lately. I started layering hydration products on my acne prone oily skin, and yes came back to clay masks!

I haven’t purchased any clay mask ever since I finished the Aztec healing clay tub with hubs.  I found out recently that Human Nature introducted a new product – the Pollution Defense Face Mask. The intro price is Php 395.

Human Nature Pollution Defense Mask **Used during my bad breakout
CLAIMS: ✓ Bamboo charcoal deep-cleanses and lifts impurities off your skin ✓ Moringa seed oil helps protects your face from air pollution ✓ A blend of bentonite and kaolin clay naturally tightens skin and dissolves excess oil ✓ Natural Vitamin E and antioxidant-rich passion fruit seed oil protects skin from the visible effects of harmful free radicals

Used during my bad breakout. I’m not sure if the pimples on my chin is hormonal or just a reaction from a high ph cleanser I recently used. I now say NO to alkaline facial washes. Thanks to Project Vanity‘s articles I get to delve into skin care and make up more.

I got this because I want to clear my annoying clogged pores, get rid of toxins and impurities. Working in a city and commuting every day makes your skin open to pollution. This is milder compared to the Aztec healing clay, which I remember gives me a tight pulsating feeling. It comes with a ready to use tube, so no need to mix with water. There were no red marks after using this, and it doesn’t dry my skin. It felt cleaner and brighter. It helped absorb my moisturizer fast.  I use this once a week as I also started incorporating an AHA toner and BHA liquid in my routine. I also apply my favorite Human Nature sunflower oil as my last step and I see a clearer face in the morning.



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