The Confidence Dressing up Gives plus Intro to FashionCare

I love clothes since I was a teenager. Growing up in the province gave me little choice for fashion, and most of what I wear came from thrift shops. But, it doesn’t really matter where you buy it.

What makes? It is the confidence you carry. Before confidence, you have to be comfortable. You have to wear your style. It is your personality that weaves the design and preference of what you want to dress in. If you feel good sporting something, it will show on the way you project. I’ve been there, I’ve used clothes that I was not happy with, and it became distracting.

Dressing up also hones your creativity. For now, my style is still evolving. Now that I’m  a mom, I prefer  simple and comfy plain tops, staying away from loud prints. Pre motherhood, I wore anything.


I do the laundry myself because I want my clothes to last. I have clothes with me from 10 years ago and they still look good, that’s how careful I am with washing.

I am eager and  excited about the Electrolux FashionCare –  “Your Favorites Look Newer for Longer”. This is a wonderful washing machine because of its Ultramix Technology (water is pre-mixed with the detergent and activated even in cold water, ensuring a deep yet gentle clean). It is also interesting to note of the  Electrolux Vapour Refresh program –  you will get wrinkle-free clothes with less ironing hassle. It refreshes your clothes, leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new. It’s unique technology also keeps clothes vibrant with 31% less color fading after 52 washes. It also has a silent operation and reduces energy consumption by 75% (compared to previous model). And yes, it’s 99.9% Allergen free.

Watch this short video with Rajo Laurel:

He already said it. Simple.  I’d be suuuuuper happy when I get to win this! Moms know best. 🙂

Fingers crossed.


Mommy Cel






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