I Bought My Eyeglass in Quiapo

I was supposed to go to Quiapo with Ibeth to get our glasses, but something came up for two successive weekends. I really need to wear glasses ASAP so decided to go last Saturday, with hubs accompanying me.  We took the train from Taft to Carriedo Station at around 9:30am. Even on a weekend, the LRT is fully packed.

I am near sighted, and my kind of work requires facing the computer almost the whole day. I needed protection for computer use and also UV light. My last eyeglass was from a known optical shop, but I don’t know what’s wrong with the lens because I get dizzy, also, the reading was that my right is -100 and my left is -75, but when I used it, something is still not right. The other one is clearer, while the other is not.

Before we decided to go there, I searched online where exactly to find the optical shops. Popular search led us to Paterno street. There are many shops there so best to see reviews so you can narrow down where you will go.  We went first to an air conditioned shop, asked the cost but still high for my budget so  hubs said to go to another. We went to this non aircon shop hoping to get good rates. I was gonna ask hubs to go to another but I can feel his impatience, haha. This shop is Salamin-Antipara which is located at the end of the street. We haggled and I settled for a red frame. I didn’t see the particular frame shape I prefer but this will work for me. I chose the transition lens for sun protection and to avoid squinting under the sun. The cost of my frame + transition lens when compared to the optical store in a mall that I asked was almost down to 60%.

This was taken just seconds after I stayed under direct sunlight.  It will only darken when exposed to sunlight.

Afternoon. It started getting cloudy so I went out to try how it looks. It’s not as dark as under bright sunlight.

Happy for my new glasses. Now I can see better.

See you next post,

Mommy Cel


8 thoughts on “I Bought My Eyeglass in Quiapo

  1. What is the nearest LRT station? Your photo shows DOROTEO JOSE… but you mentioned CARRIEDO in your blog..


  2. Looks amazing! 🙂 That reminds me to have a new pair of glasses made, but the dangers of Quiapo (especially now that it’s Christmas season) is no joke. 😦


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