Back Home again

Our short vacation in the province was exhilarating.

My sleep felt peaceful, no thoughts of waking up early going to work, no rush. It’s one of the best sleeps I’ve had for a long time. You wake up and go to the market for your morning dose of coffee and pancake – with butter and condensed milk!

The smell of my hometown is positively intoxicating. I reconnected with my cousin and her 5-month old baby, my friend Amy and her two boys.

They took me to Caja (Bontoc branch) Pizza & Pancakes. It’s a homey place which I’ve heard has the tastiest pizza in town. And yes, it did not disappoint. I liked the Chicken Teriyaki very much, the crust is thin but packed with so much flavor.

Blueberry and Oreo cheesecakes!

For more photos, I’ve dumped them all on by children’s blog. See HERE.

See you next post,

Mommy Cel

**Photos taken by Huawei phone except for feat image.


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