The Comfort of Rain

Rain isn’t only about muddy roads and traffic. When I hear and see the light rain drops, I feel a sense of comfort. Not of the rain per se, but of the memories it bring.

When I was a child, it would mean happiness as classes are suspended. Now, it makes me want to stay at home, watch movies or read, and eat warm food.  I love to picture extended sleep in the morning and not thinking about waking up early to prepare for work.

Yesterday was Ninoy Aquino day so we were at home. I watched two Charlie Hunnam movies, totally different stories – King Arthur and The Lost City of Z, the latter I can’t take  off my mind until I slept. Are you like that sometimes?

It’s Tuesday already but it feels like Monday haha. And because I missed my coffee yesterday, I’m gonna cheat and drink it now.

See yah!





4 thoughts on “The Comfort of Rain

  1. I live in the Mohave Desert where rainfall is scarce. But when it does, it’s such a feeling of cleansing. The day after is the cleanest blue you’ve ever seen. The rain settles the dirt out of the air & leaves it w/that just scrubbed look. I love to sit on our porch swing during those few downpours. Mmm.
    Be Blessed

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  2. I love rain too, especially at nights or early in the morning. The sound of rain drops is so soothing to my ears. The Lost City of Z seems intriguing. How was it? I love a good movie or book that stays on my mind 🙂


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