Worries and fears

Can you honestly say you don’t have worries even if you’re big on faith? Why do I feel  those gnawing little fears and anxieties never escape me.

Ooops sorry I tend to get dramatic. So what gives me anxiety? This is just a random list, at the moment.

• What if I die today, what comes next for my family? I don’t want to think about this. My kids are still small. I love to see them grow with us as family.

• What happens to Maia when she’ll be a teen? I’ve read that puberty can affect and increase seizure frequency. Can I just pause time so she’ll be my baby forever? Not gonna happen.

• The thought of my baby boy marrying someday and leaving me. (I’m a selfish mom)

• When can we have our own house. We do not have the financial capability yet. Aymapoormama.

• What if there’s a big earthquake and I’m not at home with the kids?

I don’t want to add more. Lol.

Does this mean I lack faith? I’ll work on that.

How do you address your anxieties, worries and fears?

Coffee time….






8 thoughts on “Worries and fears

  1. I’m a new mom and there are enough worries to go around for sure. I also worry about my son leaving me someday. Reminding ourselves to enjoy the moment we have with them right now is so important! Perhaps check out mindfulness. I have started practicing it and I’ve noticed I’m less worried


  2. Haha! You and I are very alike my friend! I am a worry wort. You can probably tell from my posts! Sit back and just watch your family. They are happy and healthy! The rest will just fall into place. Wise words from my hubby haha!

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  3. Sending you one of my favorite verses: Matthew 6:34. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Huuuugs Ate! 🤗

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