Rules to myself

It is mid August and it is still hot and humid. Anyway, since I’ve finished my report a week early, I’ve got some spare time writing this post. As an introvert, it’s so therapeutic for me. When I put my thoughts in writing, it’s like unburdening half of my troubles.

This week, I have another rule to myself. To drink coffee only on MWF. And on the next only twice a week. It’s a bit hard if you’re addicted but I need to because I have tremors on my fingers. I easily get nervous, not that I blame it all on coffee but I would like to see some positive changes. Gotta take care of myself for the kiddos. Haha.

I also started reading,  just a few pages each day. I can’t read a book now in one sitting or one day like I did before. Priorities have changed. Yes motherhood is a complex thing, and on this aspect, it hones your planning skills. I’ve learned that what’s important is BALANCE.

Last week, I finished a thriller book, and this week another fiction. I will start ‘The Reason for God‘ as I saw it has a high rating on Goodreads. Have you read this?

See you again next post,



8 thoughts on “Rules to myself

  1. Oh no, wishing you good luck on having a coffee-drinking pattern! My lola really has a hard time following it cause she’s used to drinking coffee most of the time but she needs to follow it for health purposes. Hehe you can do it, Ate! 🙂


  2. Oh! I prefer writing too! It just gets all my thoughts. It comes more naturally to me than actually having a conversation with someone! How do you survive just having coffee two or three times a week? I would die. Lol

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  3. Coffee only on MWF?! Good for you for making this change! I hope I can scale down my coffee drinking habit to one cup a day. Good rule to live by, balance. I like it! Good read!

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