Start of Real parenting

Came to the office early as usual. Here ‘s a photo of the table flowers.

Last week, I’ve been communicating with Maia’s neuro about how we can change the dosage of the meds. I am not happy with the frequency of the seizures. Despite giving her the drugs, she  still seizes every day. It’s not even mild, imagine having to wait for 8-10 minutes of myoclonic fit to stop. Terrible. She finally said to increase  Keppra by 1ml/day.

Ivor is in need of some serious parenting lol. He throws his toys a lot, show tantrums when we won’t give his wants. He’s so cute when we say No and pouts looking pitiful. I’m the strict one but his dad gives him everything, like any food. At the back of my head I’m shouting, ‘Nooooooooo!’ one time his dad gave him a sweet Jco donut with sweet filling. He’s under 2 yet so I do mind.


*All photos in this post taken by Huawei phone.

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