I promised myself to blog regularly. I missed one last week, but I did a post on my babies’ blog. It ate my time editing those photos.

Anyway, last week was not good for Maia. She had strong seizures. Every day there is this part of myself that I have to constantly save for my sanity. I don’t only face my daughter’s seizure problems, but the daily grind can sometimes give us burdens.  Ivor pokes at his head whenever I come home from work, and then head directly to our room. He’s a big boy already.

I’m currently reading The Woman in Cabin 10,   finished the first 3 episodes of Game of Thrones season 7. I’ve heard the 4rth episode is epic. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, I’ve lots and lots of things on my mind. At one point, hubs mentioned about going back to the province. It has given me a  huge thought, but wherever God leads us, so be it. I just pray it would be for the best of the family, especially for Maia’s monitoring.

Have a good week ahead!



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