My Aromatherapy journey

I joined a women’s group in Facebook and one time I came across essential oils. I’ve read testimonials on how they’ve used it even on their children, stopped allergies, plus it strengthened their immune system. Secret is, 100% pure and good quality essential oils. I read three books about essential oils, enough to get me started. It’s amazing to know how potent each drop is, and how proper dilution should be used. Aromatherapy started for centuries using  roots, flowers and herbs.

I’ve researched brands and how much they cost. I’ve finally settled on Plant Therapy. They have good quality essential oils, affordable, and good customer service.

You can use it topically or diffused.

I bought the Kid Safe oils. You can choose single oils and synergy blends.

Germ Destroyer. This I know would be very useful for Maia and Ivor to keep them healthy, and also a good thing to apply for typical colds and viruses.

I’ve read that Frankincense helps those with epilepsy so I got this for Maia.

Citrus essential oils usually are not safe under the sun, but their Bergamot is bergapten free which is safe to use in the sun. I chose this because the scent is so uplifting.

This is a kid scent synergy which smells like lemon cookies. Hmmmm. I love it. It is a blend of steam distilled lemon, German chamomile CO2 and Vanilla CO2.

I hope to try more of Plant therapy oils.


Have you tried essential oils? What’s your favorite?




4 thoughts on “My Aromatherapy journey

  1. I love Plant Therapy also. I always recommend them to new users and moms because of their KidSafe line and the fact that they carry USDA organic oils and have Certified Aromatherapist on staff to answer questions.


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