My Pasta Carbonara

I told myself to blog regularly for a lot of reasons. I want to keep track of what I love to do.

Yesterday, I had time to cook something because I work half day (in exchange of my Sunday work). The other week, I bought bacon from a church friend and was wondering how to cook it without being devoured in one sitting. Bacons are either you like it or you don’t like it.

I searched my favorite blogger’s site and copied a carbonara recipe and tweaked a little.



•500 grams fettuccini pasta

•250g bacon

•Nestle all purpose cream (1)

•Alpine evaporated milk (1 small can)

•3 Eggs

•Grated cheese

•Green peas

•1 onion; 4 cloves garlic

•Salt and pepper

Cook pasta while cooking bacon.

Throw onion and garlic in skillet and cook in low fire. Set aside.

Combine cream, milk, eggs, cheese, salt and pepper and pour into drained hot pasta and STIR so the egg will be cooked.

Add the bacon, garlic, onion, and throw in the green peas.

Easy peasy.

I like the smoky taste of the bacon!


See you next post,





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