July update

Let me walk you into my morning routine. Being early in the office gives me enough time for  short writing or reading. I brew coffee that we buy from Conlins. Yes, it is good blended with your milk of choice.  I used Silk Almond milk this week. Coffee helps me with my sleepiness, but it is addicting.

Last night, I had a chat with my friend Grace. We were thinking into meeting up one of these days. Actually, we’ve talked about it many times. But for working gals? That would take forever, haha. But, I’m hopeful. She is my church friend in our home church in the province, and a part of me miss the nostalgia.

The kids?

Maia is still coughing for over a week, but it slowed down last night. She’s been giggling by herself for two days already. It’s one of those we can’t explain that happens to her. Ivor continues to love hardbound books, but once he loses interest he throws it. He enjoys the music “You’re Welcome” from the Moana soundtrack. His sleeping time is around 9am each night.

I’m a bit swamped this week because I have to finish my report by Thursday – yes, tomorrow!

Ha.  I usually work last minute. I don’t know. My mind works fast under pressure. Weird.

So, see you next post.







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