When Life Gives You Lemons

I didn’t know I could feel something like this. I mean, I don’t understand how it happens.

There are times when I don’t feel the joy of doing the everyday things I usually do. My baby boy is already a year old but I think it can be part of post partum anxiety. Maybe I don’t have the support I yearn for, or it can be an inherent thing that mothers go through. My tears don’t come out anymore even if I want to cry.

Whatever this is, I know I’m strong. I have to.

I have Maia and Ivor to think of. And I hope my love for them will be the same as the love I will give myself in order to be sane.

So..my little boy is already a year old. Walking and talking dadadada and dede. I still nurse him you know.

Terrible one.

He loves food. He eats everything he holds.

See you in the next posts.




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