Cranberry Walnut Cookies from Mommy Treats

I‘m happy to say that my breastfeeding journey continues – now 11 months.  Also thankful that my secondhand Spectra 9 is still working. Great pump!

To maintain my milk supply, I snack on lactation cookies in addition to my malunggay capsules and drinks. My favorite cookies are from Mommy Treats.  Wow, it’s one of the most yummy and perfectly baked cookie I’ve tasted. It is flavorful, soft, and not crumbly! I do not like brittle cookies. It’s hard not to order again, besides, it’s nutritious and all-natural.

So happy with my newly baked super momma box. I love the slightly bitter aftertaste.

These are the galactogogues included in the cookie:

• Brewer’s Yeast – rich in Vitamin B

• Fenugreek

• Flaxseed – rich in Omega 3

• Fiber -filled Rolled Oats

If you order the Super momma cookies, there’s chia seeds and wheat germ added.

Cranberry walnut. It’s also for pregnant women.

I work for 8 hours – away from my baby for 12 hours, traffic and travel included. Breastfeeding is my choice and it takes sacrifice. Even if I am so busy, I will take that 15 – 20 minute-break to express milk.

It’s all worth it.

Have a nice day!


*This is NOT a sponsored post


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