7 Habits That Can Make You Unproductive

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an open house from a counseling community. I was not able to listen to all the talks because of my limited time. The main theme was related to Mental Health.

I learned so much in that 30-minute session!

Our speaker mentioned 7 habits that will make us unproductive. Remember that if we are stressed, the default behavior are the habits we developed. So, it is important that we develop the RIGHT habits.


Insufficient sleep and gadgets before bed time is a big no-no. They ruin our body clock. So, as Simon Sinek puts it,  never put your phones near the bed. If you worry about the alarm, buy an alarm clock!


Drinking lots of water makes a difference.

• What Do you Eat | How do You Eat

Eat regularly and in moderate amounts. Eat more raw food, fruits and veggies, and take Vitamins.

How do you Recharge

This has something to do with self-care. Do things you enjoy. Exercise and if possible,  stand a lot. Avoid sitting in the office chair for a long time. Walk. Try the stairs.


Have you observed how you breathe? Is it shallow or deep? Slow or fast? When you are anxious and nervous, you tend to breathe fast right?

It is advisable to breathe through your nose – slowly and deeply.


What are your goals? Think what is within your control. Learn from your mistakes, and meditate from time to time.


Spend time with your family. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Meet with friends.  Volunteer!

And the best….SMILE!

It was a good thing learning about this, wake-up call actually.  So, to break the bad habits, always remind yourself. I’m a work in progress too.


Stay positive!







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