Wert’s Nutri 10 Plus Review

During our last visit to Maia’s neuro pedia, she advised us to give her multivitamins. We’ve tried several vitamins before, some vegetarian supplements.

For Maia, she’s now five and still has epilepsy, every day. So the challenge is not to give too much supplements along with her pharma medications. It can strain her liver function or it can lower the potency of the drug. But,  if you give supplements, it should be the right one. I remember giving her one supplement before which worked for some children with seizure disorders, but for the first three months, her seizure increased. It is a trial and error. I’ve noted there was no change in her appetite too. So, I switched and switched.

One of the problems we are facing currently is her appetite. Every time we feed Maia, she would often cry in her high chair. I give her Nutri10 Plus every 3pm after food intake. After the first week, she is now eating well according to her nanny. It can be the higher lysine in the vitamin which is boosting her appetite. We have yet to get her blood tests in the next few months so, now I’m happy for this.

Nutri10 Plus comprises of CGF, Taurine, Lysine, Zinc, Vitamin C, and other vitamins (Vit. A, B complex, E, D3)

Last year, I gave two bottles of Nutri 10 Plus to my 8-year old cousin, and his mom told me his appetite increased. I can also see he gained weight. That was wow.

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