MamyPoko Extra Soft Pants Diaper Review

I love it when I get savings from purchases, but having the same doesn’t equal practicality though. I’ve bought cheap items that didn’t last or didn’t meet the life I expected it too. I  paid expensive ones that are of good quality, but it doesn’t mean that expensive purchases are your best options. You just need to be wise when stretching budget vs. items you buy.

I’ve just recently discovered the wonders of MamyPoko in diapering.  Before I got my parcel of MamyPoko Extra Soft Pants Diapers  , we already tried the Easy To Wear pants. The Extra Soft Pants Diapers for girls are colored pink. My baby girl is five years old, and she’s not potty trained because of her condition. She’s a heavy wetter at night and surprisingly, there were no leaks and no rashes. Day and night this is good! For the price of around P21.50 per piece for an XL, you actually save vs having to change the diaper twice. Some diapers I’ve tried weren’t that good, they get torn and the gel beads are all over her haha.

It’s stretchy and soft on her. This is one of my preferred brands when I interchange with my cloth diapering. You can but this at Lazada.

**Sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

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