Tupperware Brands: Baby/Kids Care Plus and Mom Plus review

Finally I’m sharing my thoughts on the Baby Care plus items I received from Tupperware Brands. These came in the perfect timing, because I have a baby, a toddler, and yes they have the Mom plus products too. First of all, when it comes to products applied on skin, I always look for safe and mild products to use more so on the little ones. I don’t want  nasty allergies to surface especially that their skin is sensitive. I am practically picky because even my skin easily reacts on certain products.

Baby Care Plus


If you are familiar with Sara Lee’s Zwitsal, the scent is pretty much similar. Sara Lee  and Tupperware actually merged in 2007 so my thought is that they retained the baby scent of Zwitsal. What’s good about this? No bad reaction on baby Ivor’s skin. Well, it’s hypoallergenic. One thing I like is the mild powdery smell, just a small amount of the cologne can stick to your clothes. Actually I prefer the cologne on clothing. The baby bath and shampoo comes in a clear liquid and it lathers well.

Kids Plus

Kids PlusSame with the Baby care plus, they are also hypoallergenic. This is something your kids will enjoy during  bath because of the fun fruity scent.

Mom Plus


I have the Stretch mark cream, Soothing Relief Balm and an Ultra Moisturizing soap. The soap has a pleasing and soothing smell, not drying as most soaps do.

mom-plus stretch mark creamThe stretch mark cream feels like a thick lotion but it’s not sticky, it absorbs really fast. It makes the skin soft after application.

mom plus soothing balm


Those who are into balms will love this. It has the right amount of ‘menthol’ smell. I apply this at the back of my right shoulder because it’s where I feel the most abused (from holding bags to computer clicking).


See you next post,

Mommy Cel

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