How to Check a Real vs. Replica Longchamp Le pliage nylon

If there’s something essential for working moms and gals, it’s a bag. My pick would be something practical, durable, and simple. My favorite workhorse bag is the Longchamp Le pliage nylon. It’s a popular bag that you can see almost everywhere because of the prevalence of counterfeit bags.

I’ll show you some photo comparisons of the replica vs. the authentic nylon. The two bags are both large totes.

Top: Authentic | Bottom: Fake


longchamp-real-vs-replica_02The zipper: In person, the zipper of the original is more detailed and clean.

longchamp-real-vs-replica_03I noticed the handle of the original is a tad thinner and more flat than the fake.


longchamp-real-vs-replica_05The embossed name and the outlines of the name Longchamp in the flap is again more precise.

longchamp-real-vs-replica_06Same with the No. “45”.  You can see the difference.

longchamp-real-vs-replica_07Tag: Not all bags made in China is fake, and not all bags made in France is original.




High end replicas are all over.

It’s up to you to decide what you buy and where you buy. A lot of sellers claim they sell authentic ones, so just be careful.

Any thoughts?


Mommy Cel





42 thoughts on “How to Check a Real vs. Replica Longchamp Le pliage nylon

  1. You have some mixups and misinformation here. The jockey in an authentic is very clear and in a fake is not among several other things such as the inside labels.


  2. So true, a lot of online sellers are carrying this brand and claiming them to be authentic. It really is a must to have atleast a little know-how on how to spot fakes or better yet, buy only from trusted sellers to be on the safe side. Thanks for this detailed post, atleast I will know where to look in case I decide to get one of these bags.

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  3. Nice tips. I have been planning to buy a red color of this but really not sure how to distinguish authentic and fake, with all the replicas we have it is really hard to know which is which. Your blog helped me to know the difference. Thanks!

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  4. I really don’t see the point in purchasing a fake bag. Parang it tells something about the person, right?! Anyway, thanks for the tips! I hope yoi can do other bag reviews as well!

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  5. Got my Longchamp from a friend who use to travel a lot. I would like to assume it isnt fake as she even bought it with a card and a paperbag. Your tips are real helpful as well for me to check on the bag. I always believe it is better to invest in real ones as the quality speaks a lot.

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  6. Ive been into bags all my life. I love them and i really invest in them. Sadly i was a victim of a counterfeit bag years ago from an online shop and i never buy from online ever again. I only buy in malls and trusted outlets. Prices are a lot expensive but atleast i am sure that i am getting what i paid for…

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  7. Thanks for sharing Mommy, parang sa unang look, hindi halata difference ano? Nakaka-sad mga business owners na kailangan talaga magproduce ng replica instead of creating their own brand nalang.

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  8. There is a lot of fake especially those one selling in selling site, kaya dapat you know how to check sometimes hawak pa lang you will know naman. I asked my friend to buy one for me when she was in SG and may receipt kaya I have peace of mind din.

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  9. I’m also using Longchamp Le Pliage, I always use this when we travel because I can put everything in it. I’ve seen a lot of resellers of this but just to be safe, I bought mine at Rustan’s. It is expensive but at least I have peace of mind that it is authentic.

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  10. I’m also using a Longchamp now. It’s a gift from MIL so I’m thinking it’s authentic. It’s useful to know the difference though as there are so many knockoffs, even online.

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