Life After Baby No.2

I missed blogging. Before I finally made up my mind to write a new post, I actually waited for the big bulk of office work to be done so it’s easier not to think too much, haha. But the truth is, work is never ever done once you’re a mom. And breastfeeding. And working in an office. And commuting.



My now four-month old baby Ivor is so fidgety especially when I put him to sleep at night. I guess part of the reason is because I am away during the day and he only gets to see me during dinner. There’s a sad part of me whenever I see his nanny rock him to sleep while I do everything from nursing to rocking yet he doesn’t sleep, 80% of the time. When I think of it, I wish I don’t have to work away from baby.

Maia on the other hand had her blood level tests and EEG done. We are still waiting for the results so the doctor can make recommendations on her medication. Her seizures occur one to two times each day even with her current medication.

And that’s it for now.


See you next post,



4 thoughts on “Life After Baby No.2

  1. I can appreciate these pictures, as they represent the quiet, contemplative moments that are so rare in motherhood – especially after your second child! Life keeps moving, but so does the beauty. Enjoy the journey!


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