Expectations and Thoughts this year

Another new year, another set of things to look forward to.


A baby on the way. First to mention, I am expecting my second baby in the summer. Not sure of the gender yet, be it a he or a she, it is God’s blessing. Our OB said there’s a big chance it’s a boy. I had to change the first name hubs and I had in mind, replacing it with something short and strong. Hubs is still sticking to the first name, but…we’ll see.

One important thing is we’re also setting aside budget for CS delivery as it’s so expensive here in Manila. I remember my firstborn, we haven’t thought of restricting a contingency fund for csection because we expected a normal delivery. What can we do when it’s between life and death, you forget about the money and just say yes to the doctor and her team and let them take care of you and the baby. All you care is to make it both alive.

Be frugal.  Now that we will be having two kids this year, it’s wise to rethink spending habits. In short, cut unnecessary expenses. I’ve actually started when we confirmed we’re having another baby. There will still be extra costs during the whole pregnancy but we only need the required and important ones. From time to time, random ‘wants’ for a new item emerge, but I just brush them off. It’s a healthy move for the finances when you are a good steward of money.

Study more. I am guilty of not reading the bible daily. Fatigue from mommy duties and work always present itself as the first excuse. I actually feel so bad neglecting the most important relationship that should be nurtured first. It is also fair to say that lack of motivation springs from a need of a personal pastor/mentor plays a big role in my dwindling passion for the word. I’ve never felt hungry for spiritual growth. Time to set things on track.

Be unselfish. For the past years that we’ve been together as a married couple, we both have elevated pride. None of us would relent. There are wordless days. I wouldn’t talk to him for even for a week, and vice versa. For wanting to stave off big fights, I decided to take myself out of the picture. It took me a brave change of heart. Instead, I continued to communicate when faced with petty disagreements. I’m quite happy I saved those awkward wordless days!


And so my word for 2016 is Love.

Here’s to more LOVE this year!





5 thoughts on “Expectations and Thoughts this year

  1. I thought I saw your photo earlier that you’re expecting :). Congratulations!

    You have beautiful plans and abundant blessings this 2016. Lots of hugs from Maryland!

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