Zenutrients All is Well candle + oil

My favorite month is here.  Everybody’s occupied, with the Christmas season in mind,  lists seem to be unending whether at work or at home. I’ve been slaving myself with paperwork deadlines in the office before I take the Christmas vacation.

I was pleased at the same time excited when I spied this Zenutrients All is Well candle and oil at Sample room. I needed something calming yet non toxic.  This candle is their newest product in the All is Well range, as checking into their website it hasn’t been listed yet.

zenutrients-candle-02“Our candles are hand-poured with coconut as a base, made by cold pressing the oil out of coconut meat. We used a coconut base not only because we love using local ingredients when we can, but we love how it holds the scent and burns so cleanly, so that you’re enveloped by the soothing All is Well scent.” – Zenutrients

This is exactly the reason I had to try this. We all know the toxins released from paraffin candles are not something we would like to inhale.

zenutrients-candle-03The minty smell of the candle and the oil makes a quiet night or morning  relaxing. The other night I had this nagging headache, more like a migraine and so I grabbed this oil and dabbed on my temples and in my nape. After a few seconds I can feel the cooling effect and the strong eucalyptus scent. There is something about the scent that alleviated half of my headache. I won’t even have to worry because this is natural and organic, a combi of essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, green tea, vetiver, ginger, lemon, and tea tree. All of those scents I have no qualm of, and it’s safe for children. It is also recommended for dizziness and insect bites.

I have this in my purse and it’s so handy I can just pull out whenever I need to destress a bit. This makes a wonderful gift this Christmas.  The candle comes in two sizes: 85grams & 255 grams. The roll-on All is well oil(10 grams) is at P130.



Enjoy your holiday preparations!




15 thoughts on “Zenutrients All is Well candle + oil

  1. I used to lit a calming candle every night when I was still single but I stopped since I gave birth. How I missed the relaxing nights. Might give this a try, I just need to place it not within my little one’s reach. 🙂

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  2. I would love to try this. I’ve been addicted to scented candles lately and my stocks are almost out. Need to replenish, perfect timing!😀


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