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A Thanksgiving post

Happy Thanksgiving! We do  not normally celebrate this day at home here in Manila, but tonight our church is hosting a dinner for the parishioners.

There’s always many things to be thankful for – not just on Thanksgiving day, but everyday.

As I look back on the past days this year, it hasn’t been all perfect. But I thank God for His sustaining grace. This year, my faith was tested. There were bad days of negligence, and I felt awful. I became mute with my daily conversations with God. I honestly say that I went too far. Yet He is good to me. He deserve a BIG BIG thanks!

One of the ways people celebrate is to design their own tables. Actually, even on a budget, you can do it yourself. Just get a pumpkin and scatter leaves around it.

For a more elaborate one, here are my pins on Pinterest.

Thanksgiving tablescape 01

Thanksgiving tablescape 02

Thanksgiving tablescape 03






  1. These are so beautiful.

    I am so sorry your faith has been tested. I am glad you shared it, though. I know it will encourage other who are also being tested.

    Love and Blessings,

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