Simple nutritious drink

My first trimester is so hard and until now today I’m still going through bouts of nausea and lethargy. It’s also the time I had to shift to natural skin care, and eat more fruits and veggies, no coffee and soda, and look for healthy food options. I usually feel sick drinking dairy milk so I scouted for other alternatives.

I tried soya drink but I always go back to almond milk. Silk is a nice option as it’s non-GMO. This is also my first time to try chia seeds. If you check and read about it’s benefits you’ll be amazed.

DSC_0775webI prefer soaking them in your milk of choice.

DSC_0774webDSC_0772webReuse any bottle lying around. šŸ™‚DSC_0771webWhat’s your favorite chia recipe?




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