July Musings

Have you ever felt worn out that you badly need an R & R yet you can’t because you have your priorities? I’m sure  most moms would agree especially  when the hubs is away. There are times of the day that I have to rush, like when going to work, I have to start running  an hour or two early  because who wants to be stuck in traffic? This is also true the moment I sign out the office time clock.

These are what’s in my mind all the time:

What we should eat for dinner.


Prepare Maia’s medicine.

Monitor her seizures.

Check her food intake.

Schedule next check up.

Blood tests comparison.

Therapy progress.

Payables – Bills. Rent. Nanny. Others.


This is not the end of the list. 😀

I really have nothing more to say for this post, but yes…I NEED a break. Haha.





7 thoughts on “July Musings

  1. I’ve always wondered why women’s brain works like a making-to-do-list machine and we even cope with it and carry out all these plans, while men can’t even remember a shopping list with 3 items =)

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  2. Go for it. We really need to recharge regularly so we could enjoy life. Those insurmountable odds are just temporary, just think Maia will get better. God bless your family Cel.

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