Rain, Life and Random Thoughts

The rain is pouring as I’m typing this. I actually feel better looking out the window and watching the raindrops as they wet the green grass. I kind of get lost in a daydream when it’s raining. I dream of living in a countryside one day, where I can breathe fresh, cool air devoid of urban pollution. Since living in the city for quite a while, the smell of wet soil and plants is so nostalgic for me. That’s a part of my childhood that I miss. Being carefree, living a simple life, running wherever my feet takes me, playing in the rain, swimming in rivers, bicycle riding over the river bridge under a starry night sky..the list goes on. Family gatherings from uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents are regular. I can say it’s happy and free. I wish I could give my daughter that experience.

Motherhood is a whole different thing from what I’ve just described. It’s also happy and free, but in another journey. It’s a learning process and a work in progress. I write it broad and vague, but you’ll understand soon when you become one, as you navigate your life through home and work. I hope that one of these days, I can revisit that ‘childhood’ and I hope it’s not yet lost.striped-dress-brown-bag3

Iris bag lazada ph



Dress: old (Market Market)

Bag: LazadaPh

Shoes: Karazapatos


13 thoughts on “Rain, Life and Random Thoughts

  1. I can’t imagine how my life would be if I will move in Manila soon for proper fashion school.
    The simple life here in the province is comforting me.. Mountains, rivers, and whatnot.
    However, I like your outfit here! You are indeed a fashionista mom. 🙂

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com
    Instagram: @aprilnunezzz

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  2. I like your dress and accessories.

    I understand. I believe we might be a couple of kindred spirits. 🙂

    I found an excerpt from a book written by one of my favorite authors. I hope you will like it.

    Hugs and Blessings,


    ” The girls left their baskets in Hester’s garden and spent the rest of the afternoon rambling in the woods and fields surrounding it, discovering many pretty nooks and lanes. When they got hungry they had lunch in the prettiest spot of all. . .on the steep bank of a gurgling brook where white birches shot up out of long feathery grasses. The girls sat down by the roots and did full justice to Anne’s dainties, even the unpoetical sandwiches being greatly appreciated by hearty, unspoiled appetites sharpened by all the fresh air and exercise they had enjoyed. Anne had brought glasses and lemonade for her guests, but for her own part drank cold brook water from a cup fashioned out of birch bark. The cup leaked, and the water tasted of earth, as brook water is apt to do in spring; but Anne thought it more appropriate to the occasion than lemonade.

    ‘Look do you see that poem?’ she said suddenly, pointing.

    We have hundreds more books for your enjoyment. Read them all!

    ‘Where?’ Jane and Diana stared, as if expecting to see Runic rhymes on the birch trees.

    ‘There. . .down in the brook. . .that old green, mossy log with the water flowing over it in those smooth ripples that look as if they’d been combed, and that single shaft of sunshine falling right athwart it, far down into the pool. Oh, it’s the most beautiful poem I ever saw.’

    ‘I should rather call it a picture,” said Jane. “A poem is lines and verses.’

    ‘Oh dear me, no.” Anne shook her head with its fluffy wild cherry coronal positively. ‘The lines and verses are only the outward garments of the poem and are no more really it than your ruffles and flounces are YOU, Jane. The real poem is the soul within them . . .and that beautiful bit is the soul of an unwritten poem. It is not every day one sees a soul. . .even of a poem’.” ~L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

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  3. I too wish to give my kids the same simple life experience that I experienced while having summer vacations at my grandparent’s place in the province 🙂 I love your dress by the way, I always think that stripes give a nautical feel to any outfit 🙂

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