Daria Essie Dress in White Jewel

Working moms prefer clothing that needs no pressing. With all the household work that rob our time, we tend to get lazy and forget about ironing. So tip for everybody not just for working moms, choose fabrics that are wrinkle-free. Saves you the work and time.

I’m happy I chose this Daria Essie Dress (thanks to LazadaPh). It’s an elastane blend which doesn’t need pressing so it’s travel-friendly.

I love the casual laid-back feel of the prints. This can be paired with flats, boots, heels, sandals, and wedges.







On a personal note, I’ve been busy with work from office to home. Last weekend they did a blood test for Maia which is needed for her drug levels. Hopefully this week, I’ll get the doctor’s new dosage. I’m also reintroducing a supplement for her, and by God’s grace, I pray it will lessen her seizures. This medication-therapy-supplement-checkup thing is brutally costly, that’s why even though I would really love to stay at home and care for Maia, thinking of all the expenses hinders me. I’ve also thought of career change or online business, maybe it can augment our budget. We can only think the best for Maia.


Happy Wednesday,





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