Listen to Him

In between reading fiction novels, I always go back and read something nourishing to the soul. Our lives are not always perfect. Out of our struggles, mixed emotions are drawn. It’s often how we handle this emotions that define who we are. Last night when I was reading in bed, Maia has another seizure. It was a 9-minute fit. You can imagine how I feel – right, mixed emotions. I got back to the book I was reading and it said where I stopped…”‘when fear knocks on your door, answer with faith..” I know God is speaking to me that very moment. I am not a person with big faith, nor am I religious, but He is the one who is always faithful to me. I feel so much secure knowing he is embracing me during difficult times despite my imperfection. I love you Lord.



See you next post,



4 thoughts on “Listen to Him

  1. I am so thankful you have faith in the Lord to help sustain you through these scary moments. like to read both psalm 139 and psalm 23 when I am afraid…also psalm 40. I am praying for you.

    Love and blessings,

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  2. The Lord will always hold you close when fear is greatest. He will shield you and comfort you because he loves you just as dearly as you love your child. I will pray for both of you as there is no greater heartache than watching your child suffer and you feeling helpless to stop it. May God bless and comfort you as he has everything in his loving care.

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