In2it Eyebrow color for eyeshadow


I know most of us love to have neutral tones for an everyday eyeshadow. A couple of months ago, I spotted this on sale at Watsons, the In2It waterproof brow powder. I tested it and glad that all three shades were matte, like how I want it. I noticed that it easily stick to my fingers so I thought I could make use of it as an eyeshadow.  I applied the middle shade on the entire lid and the darkest  to the outer V. An brow color and an eyeshadow – cool!


Sometimes, I want to add some color other than browns. This Essence Happy hour (#30) eyeshadow  was also on sale. I wanted something matte, but this aquatic metallic shade is just beautiful, somewhere between turquoise and teal. It’s an affordable drugstore product that you can check out at Watsons.








Enjoy the weekend!




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