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Iprice – The One stop Shop

With online shopping, you can browse and choose products you want to order, whether at your home or office. For moms like me who work in the office eight hours a day, it’s a big help to buy online for my baby’s diaper in bulk. Not only does it save me time going on a trip to the grocery store but also relieves me from carrying big packs and the cost of transpo.

Chances are you tend to hop from one online retailer to anotherย  looking for discounts, and sale items. A lot of us would jump to a one stop stop where they carry most of our shopping needs. Iprice offers that service. If you open the website, you will be welcomed with coupons, which I can say is convenient for those who love discounts! Who doesn’t?



You’re basically looking at a curated shop where you can find items for Kids, Electronics, Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Beauty and Health and many more. Check out the stores and the list of categories.



The left column shows the Price range, brands and the search function. It’s user friendly.



Try Iprice – you can find great bargains easily.


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This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.




  1. I wrote about the service last month, and what I love about it is that it makes convenient online shopping even more convenient!

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  2. Ayi

    So many online shops are on the rise these days. I remembered talking to one of Tackthis’ senior sales, there is a move to encourage business owners to put up online shops ๐Ÿ™‚

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