Strawberry cucumber Water

It’s important that we’re hydrated especially this summer. Guzzling up on just plain water is a good beauty tool too. To make it more interesting, just combine your favorite fruits and herbs if you like! If you check on the web, the recipes are endless.

For this post, I am using just cucumber and strawberry. Another great addition to this is lemon and mint.

I scouted for mason jars at Daiso last weekend and this is the biggest I’ve got, a wide mouth Ball jar. I think it holds about 3 cups, so perfect for office use.





This combination tastes soooo good esp when chilled.

Pls share your favorite drink this summer!




12 thoughts on “Strawberry cucumber Water

  1. That looks so refreshing!

    I like so many different drinks.

    One of my favorite summer drinks is strong coffee poured over ice and either some evaporated milk or half and half and a syrup made from unsweetened cocoa powder and some stevia to make it sweet. 🙂


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  2. I’ve been wanting to do this! I saw someone making this by crushing the fruits first, mixing it with water, then turning them into ice cubes that you can mix with your water later on. Delish and so pretty!

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