Lookbook: Pink stripes and flare skirt

It’s hard to believe the first quarter is over and now our thoughts are what to do or where to go this summer. To recap the past 3 months, here are the highlights – found a new neuro for Maia, hired a new nanny, our dog Summer had an infection which led to her unexpected demise, started Maia’s occupational therapy.

Time goes by so fast! My days seem like repetitions of yesterday – work, home, mommy duties. I feel like an old soul yearning for quiet places and at the end of each day, all I wanted is a good night sleep. I guess that’s a general thing for moms. I’ve become a fast sleeper that it takes me several days to finish a book.

Missing hubby so much. See you soon partner.

I’m thinking of starting yoga, just at home. What do you do to keep you fit?



23 thoughts on “Lookbook: Pink stripes and flare skirt

  1. Love the skirt! I used run with hubby to keep myself fit but eventually got no time to do so. Got no yaya na kasi so nobody will take care of baby when we leave. I just diet now – fruit+veggie shakes and less rice intake help me maintain my weight.

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  2. I usually wear plain tops on printed skirt. I’m not that brave when it comes to my ootds. Hahaha! You look really good mommy 🙂

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  3. looking good! I wish I can pull off something like that, but no, ha ha! super sedentary lifestyle here! and gaah, I agree that the repetitiveness can get to you sometimes. here’s to more ways and opportunities to shake things up a bit!

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  4. Looking good!… So sorry to hear about your dog. The last dog I had, Buffy, reached nine years, she lived a long happy life but it was still too painful when we lost her, now I’m still not yet ready to have a new one.

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