Blue and white polka dot

Here’s my office outfit of the day.


I got this dress from a thrift store years ago and still in good condition until now. It’s a tad loose for me so I added a belt to cinch my waist.


Have you tried buying from thrift stores?


Mommy Cel


29 thoughts on “Blue and white polka dot

  1. You glow in that dress, and it’s such a classic ^.^

    I love thrift store finds like these. Unfortunately, or at least in my case, most of the ones that pass muster (no holes, loose threads, dirt that can’t be scrubbed out) don’t fit my body type! Though I guess that’s a good things, otherwise I’d blow all my spending money on dresses instead of yarn, hahaha.


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  2. Yes, I’d love buying from tiangge 🙂 Sometimes it’s difficult kasi most of the time, mababa ang quality ng clothes pero there are stores naman which sell beautiful and durable clothes kahit tiangge 🙂

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  3. I love buying in thrift stores!! Although I make sure I only buy those with tags on them and still unused. It’s perfect kasi usually the designs are unique. You won’t find it here in Manila. Masaya!

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  4. It is simply lovely and timeless! May I say, you look quite beautiful in the garment too. I always shop at thrift stores as you can get brand new clothes with the tags still on them at times or just gently worn clothes that people tire of too easily. At the same time, you save tons of money! Kids grow out of clothes so quickly so I use the thrift stores a lot for my niece and nephews or I used too when they were small. I love, love, love thrift stores.

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