Epilepsy Awareness day

I’m wearing purple for Epilepsy Awareness day.


Please support our advocacy in the Philippines by signing HERE. Please read and be informed and do not judge.

 Update: For my daughter and to everyone battling epilepsy.

Mommy Cel


11 thoughts on “Epilepsy Awareness day

  1. I have a nephew who suffers with epileptic episodes because he also suffers from ADHD. When he has an attack, everyone in the family becomes anxious. Prayers for you and your family.

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  2. Wishing and praying for divine healing for your daughter. Nothing beats the power of prayer. Now with regards to cannabis as alternative treatment, I’ve researched and written extensive articles on this subject and sure it has medicinal properties that can help treat neurological problems. But the thing is, our country is not suitable to carry on with this type of treatment for one we lack technical knowledge and resources on how to grow cannabis for medicinal use since I learned that there are strict standards and guidelines to follow when cultivating this plant. -Macy


  3. Sending love to Maia.

    This Epilepsy Awareness is a GREAT thing. Unlike when I was growing up, some people who suffered Epilepsy were misunderstood. More awareness and understanding of the plight of families who go through this.

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  4. Sending you and your baby my virtual hug. I think if there’s really enough evidences that it really does help, why not? I have a brother with cerebral palsy and honestly – like you, I’d probably do everything in my power to help him. Way to go mum! Goodluck on this.

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  5. I have read extensive research on this and I hope the government will seriously look into it. Definitely worth checking out especially for those with loved ones affected with epilepsy. All the best mama Maricel!

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  6. I had no idea about epilepsy except that these are the ones that get seizures. Thanks for the information you’ve given and for making people aware of the condition.

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  7. I thin that this is a good way for those people especially with love ones who has epilepsy to better understand how to manage their loved ones sufferingwith this condition.

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