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Quiet mornings

I love coming to the office early as I’m avoiding the rush hour which means I’d be trapped in a long queue waiting for a ride. Coming early also means I can have my moment alone.


Be it reading your devotional, checking your to do list, or just making the most out of the relaxing quietness of the morning.


I love peaceful mornings. Mommies need that. 🙂

Enjoy your day,

Mommy Cel

*Tea pot by Japan Home Centre


  1. When I was still working for corporate, I love coming to work early. I can enjoy a warm cup of coffee or chocolate drink and nibble on cookies while prioritizing tasks for the day.

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  2. Not really a morning person but learned how to be one when I had my daughter. She really wakes me up as early as 4:30am. I have to admit, I do get more done and I love those quiet moments when she goes back to sleep and I have a bit of time for myself.

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  3. Very true. Every mom needs her quiet time in the morning. I am more inspired and understanding when I’ll start my day with this routine. I feel I’m at my best when I start my day having a moment with God then later with myself. I feel so renewed and prepared to face the challenges the day has in store for me

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  4. So true. I wake up 3 am to start my shift and it is always peaceful that time, kaya kahit hirap gumising, I still feel I can do much more that time.

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  5. I also love being early at work, so that I can take my time, have my coffee and just relax before the rush begins. I love your teapot.

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  6. I love the pink teapot! Ako naman, I either go to work super early or really late. To avoid traffic. So if I’m really late, my quiet moments are at night. Like now.

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  7. wow, it would seem that you guys are more of a morning person… while I need my pandesal and shower first before I even think like a sane person hahaha! but it would certainly be better if most people are like you with a smile on your face to start the day 🙂

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  8. I agree mommy 🙂 mornings’ when I find time to just simply stare and sip some coco while everybody’s still sleeping.

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