Kisses to mama

Last week when I came home, Maia was particularly clingy to me. It’s not her usual welcome thing when I greet her by the door, but I must admit deep inside my heart I was crying for joy and wished that there will be more days like that. I don’t care if she is drooling on my cheeks, I want to feel her kisses in her own way.
Motherhood has taught me something.

Unconditional love.


When you have a child, you give her all the love without question. Not to overdramatize but her condition didn’t change our affection for her.


She is our happiness.

You have our hearts dear Maia.


Mommy Cel


2 thoughts on “Kisses to mama

  1. Wow, she is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing a portion of your joy as these photos made me smile and say a prayer for her and her family. Most parents do not realize it is not the grand, flamboyant moments in life that their child will remember. No, it will be the way her mother is excited to see her, how she allows her to be herself without scolding her for a “sloppy” kiss, and the light a child sees in her parent’s eyes that tells her the most important thing in the world, “You are loved, always”. Thank you for sharing , she is pure beauty and the you so generously lavish upon her will cause the beauty within her to grow unbounded.

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