Five Face Products I’m Currently loving

Aloe Vera Soothing Gel by Nature Republic. This is actually a gift, and I was not hesitant to apply it on my face. What I love? The cool nice feeling once you spread it on your face! It’s supposed to soothe your skin because of the aloe vera. After a minute or two I touched my face and it felt soft like a baby’s butt! I will try to use this as a face mask sometime.
DSC_6632copyLip & Eye Remover by Etude House. P198. I bought this because I wear make up when I go to work. It helps remove make up, just make sure not to get in the eyes because it makes it blurry. This is a water and oil combination and it’s mild.

DSC_6637bMalunggay Herbal Facial Toner by Moringa-O2. I have finished several bottles of this toner. It’s  doesn’t dry the face, makes a good base before applying make up as well as before applying moisturizer at night. It’s a favorite.


Ponds Dewy Rose Gel. I curious about this and luckily I got one from Sampleroom. I had a bad experience from their whitening cream way back in college, but this comes in gel form so I thought I’d give it a try. Ok, no breakouts! I am liking gel formulations because they are light, non sticky and cool to the face.


Melchior & Balthazar Argan Oil. One of the best face oils I’ve tried. I have actually reviewed it HERE. From time to time, use face oils as moisturizers. I’m actually running out of this when I took the photo.


What’s your skin care?


Mommy Cel


30 thoughts on “Five Face Products I’m Currently loving

  1. I follow the Korean Skin care regimen 🙂 and use Korean skin care brands too (except for my facial wash, I use safeguard acne wash eh)

    I think I need the etude make remover, salamat for introduction 🙂

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  2. I’m curious with the aloe-vera gel 🙂
    Honestly ako, wala akong ganyan ganyan sis. hehe! Basta paguwi, wash lang ako ng face using water. napansin ko kasi, the more i use yung mga toner of any facial wash saka ako nagkaka pimples.
    good thing “medyo” oily ang face ko, kaya hindi nag da- dry.

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  3. That aloe vera gel looks so refreshing. I would love to try it as I feel that my face needs all the refreshing it can get haha. Where is it available and how much?


  4. I find Etude House’s Lip and Eye Remover too oily. :-S Have you tried their remover cream? Its works better for me. Kasi its cream and you could wipe it off and it’ll leave the skin smooth and moisturized. Saya! Although I wanna try that Aloe Gel. Looks refreshing nga!


  5. I love that facial toner too and the Moringa therapy oil. they are good for dry skin and the toner is just so pleasant to apply. The last time I bought 2 bottles at Mercury Drug, they cost P99 each.

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  6. I love the aloe vera gel. It seems to have a cooling effect on my face. I am also using it. Curious lang ako sa Malunggay product. does it have any scent?

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  7. That soothing Aloe Vera Gel looks really nice. I have dry skin on my face and have been looking for something that will hydrate it and might soothe it too. Is it natural and organic? I’ve read a lot about chemicals in heaps of common skincare products and how important it is to use products that avoid them. I have tried Organi and Origani, but they don’t have an Aloe Vera Mask/Gel like this one. Heaps of their products do contain natural and organic ingredients including aloe vera though. I live in Australia so Organi and Origani are fairly popular here, not sure about where you live or if you’ve heard of them? Here’s their websites if you wanna have a look.


  8. I want to try the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel and the Malunggay Herbal Facial Toner. Recently kasi parang ang dry ng face ko I think because of my 2nd pregnancy. I don’t put anything on my face medyo takot kc ako baka mya magka allergy ako, but I guess the Aloe Vera is perfect for me. I will ask my husband to buy one for me. Thanks for the info mommy! 🙂

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