Home inspiration 2015

Have you ever set your eyes on a house and told yourself, “This house is beautiful!”

I have nothing to brag about anything relating to design aesthetics but there are certain looks that are appealing to me. Recently, I love looking at house photos that have a Scandinavian vibe to it. It makes me wish we have a house of our own haha!

I love how they make use of wood, and white paints.







scandinavian7What are your design inspirations?

Mommy Cel

Credit to the owner of the photos in this post.

5 thoughts on “Home inspiration 2015

  1. I love all these designs. Very clean…minimalist.

    We’re in the process of doing some house work. Our pipe bursts recently due to the negative temperatures so we’re forced to renovate our basement. I hope our budget fits.

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  2. I love it, too. I looks really clean and refreshing. We are planning to DIY our house (which will probably still happen in a year or two, I’m not sure) and use pallet wood on the floors and white paint with maybe some complementary grays.

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