Insecurity can be tamed

Sometimes,  a mommy me-time is essential for you to check on your life. For a working mom like me, I rarely have the time. By the time I get home, I have another work world which I mentioned on my previous personal posts.

It is when you put Him first that you win battles.

Last night, while waiting for Maia to sleep, I continued my e-book by Joyce Meyer which I started a few weeks ago. This is one book that poked me right in the head. It opened ideas and reflections on my personal life. For a sensitive soul like me, I shed a lot of  tears while reading this.

My earthly life is not easy. All of us have our big and little insecurities. I for one, when I see toddlers conversing with their parents, I feel insecure and sad because my own daughter is not yet talking. Of course I have already told myself that it will take time..but you know, it’s a mother’s inescapable vision. There are those nights that I just stare at the ceiling feeling empty. The goals that I had before shifted when we had Maia. The dream of owning a house is not yet touched because we have to care for Maia’s needs first. After all, she is our gift.

One thing I am learning from the book is you have to make it a habit of putting God first before all other things. So when you decide to have your quiet moments or even just upon waking up, think of Him first.  Honestly I am guilty of this.


It is when you put Him first that you win battles.

Maia 2015

See you next post,

Mommy Cel


8 thoughts on “Insecurity can be tamed

  1. I feel your burden. Although the burdens we carry aren’t the same, still, I know that feeling of emptiness. At times, I stare at photos of people having the time of their lives while I’m stuck at the hospital or at home because I’m too sick to go out. But in all undertakings and with every waking hour, I thank God. Without Him, I am nowhere.

    Smile. God is with us.

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  2. There, there, Mommy Cel. Things will get better eventually. You are not alone with struggles but you can always find someone to turn to when you feel like everything is too much. And, as that famous quote says, “Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not yet all right then it’s not yet the end.”

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  3. I see such a tender heart here both in your words and in your photos, and that is so precious in the Lord’s sight! 1 Samuel 16:6-13

    I am praying that your confidence will continue to grow.


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