Post holiday shots with the Sisters


A quote says, “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.” Well I am glad me and my sisters are in good terms. Each year, we spend time with each other, even for just a couple of hours catching up on how each one is doing.





Mommy Cel


8 thoughts on “Post holiday shots with the Sisters

  1. That’s one true blessing I don’t have, having sisters of my own. I have three brothers though. Sometimes I wonder how to bond with real life sisters, yung any time of the day, pwede mo silang kalampagin because you have something to share. Lovely photos by the way Cel!


  2. These are beautiful pictures! I have two sisters and I love them dearly. I could not imagine life without them and I often find myself perplexed when adult siblings do not get along. You are all beautiful!

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