Girls day out | Botanical garden

The Botanical garden during the holidays is really full packed. We got there after a traffic jam as there were many tourists with cars. I suggest you go and visit not on holidays.
Weather is wonderful though, and it’s nice to see those trees again.  Carrying a toddler in a park is exhausting so we only strolled where we can handle.


4522DSC_4526b DSC_4531b DSC_4536b DSC_4544b DSC_4556b DSC_4566bdsc_4532DSC_4582bDSC_4588b DSC_4591b DSC_4604b DSC_4616b dsc_4659b DSC_4677b

By the time we got to this point, Maia’s starting to get weary and whiny.DSC_4678b DSC_4680b DSC_4694bDSC_4706b DSC_4723b DSC_4730b DSC_4732bDSC_4740b DSC_4771b DSC_4762b dsc_4758 DSC_4750b DSC_4747b DSC_4743bdsc_4794b DSC_4809b DSC_4817b DSC_4820b DSC_4855b

Someday, we might visit the horses. 🙂


See you next post,

Mommy Cel


4 thoughts on “Girls day out | Botanical garden

  1. Yeay, I miss Baguio, it’s been almost a decade since I’ve been there. What lovely photos you have here and Maia seemed to enjoy her adventures at the Botanical Garden.


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