Our Christmas story

The day before Christmas we headed to Burnham Park. We are scheduled to visit uncle Nick’s house on Christmas day. Maia enjoyed the grass, the freedom to walk without being held.

Long post here and enjoy the pictures!
burnham parkDSC_4140b DSC_4141b

She scampered in every direction. DSC_4148b DSC_4150b DSC_4153b DSC_4166b

I can see her excitement.DSC_4183b DSC_4185bDSC_4190b DSC_4192b

Looking for bikes.DSC_4203b DSC_4207b DSC_4218b DSC_4220b DSC_4224b DSC_4229B DSC_4231b DSC_4236b DSC_4241b DSC_4243bDSC_4249b DSC_4260b DSC_4264b DSC_4272b

Maia and uncle Conan

My brother joined.DSC_4276b DSC_4325b

DSC_4326b DSC_4330b

Maia and auntie Sheenlie.DSC_4333b DSC_4340b DSC_4344b


I only had a few shots in Badiwan.


Cousin Flor

The sleeping Maia.


Outside the boys took care of the barbecue. Ahhh, love that smell.DSC_4416b DSC_4417b DSC_4431b DSC_4432b DSC_4433b



After Christmas, it’s time for Maia’s EEG. There were no doctors available at in other hospitals and clinics and we ended up at SLU. It’s good there’s one neuro who was on duty.DSC_4480b

Still sedated after EEG
Still sedated after EEG


Waiting and waiting for a ride. After no taxi came for several minutes, we had to walk to the jeepney station.


We got home and enjoyed some Korean seaweed roll. Yum!

To hubbs whom we missed last Christmas, we’ll see you soon.


Botanical garden next………..


Mommy Cel


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