Visiting Baguio | Orchidarium


Januaries are like Mondays. After spending Christmas and New Year with the family, it’s normal to feel the blues when we say our goodbyes. But on the brighter side, I’m really glad I was able to take a little break through the holidays. Nothing beats family time.

I took Maia to Baguio for Christmas. The cold weather made her irritable, but in the company of aunts and uncles, it made the vacation worthwhile. We took a short walk at the Orchidarium.


Mom, Queena, Sheen, Maia and Conan

DSC_4284-800DSC_4290-800 DSC_4294-800

Dad and mom

DSC_4300-800botanicalDSC_4304-800DSC_4306-800 mom-n-me DSC_4322-800


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