Zara Wellness spa review

The last time I went to a massage spa was like 5 years ago, when when I wasn’t a mom yet, haha. As a mom, spa time is one of my top pampering list. One time I got a discounted voucher from beeconomic for a body scrub + massage. Being the thrifty mama, I don’t want to spend more than a thousand for that. It’s already a good deal. 🙂

Ok, the Zara Wellness spa in Pasay isn’t high end. It looks like a mini inn.



I was greeted by one receptionist. She asked me to wait so she can prepare the room upstairs.


Ok, here’s my rating.

Amenities: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Overall visitor rating: 3/5

My notes:

While the body scrub and massage is ok for me, I’d love it more if the bathrobes are smelling good and clean. It would also be useful if they provide slippers because I had to walk barefoot from the shower to the massage room. One thing, I hope they provide uniform to the receptionist.

Will I go back? I’ll probably try other spas next time. I miss the aromatherapy & massage years years ago.

Thinking of a gift to your parents? Treat them to spa. They need one and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.


Mommy Cel


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