Christmas Potluck lunch 2014

Every December godmum Jenny invites us for potluck lunch in their place. Sometimes, we need a good lunch haha. But seriously, I miss potlucks because each family brings something that they want to share, and join in a merry meal. It’s a happy gathering for my church friends.

christmas lunch



me and Jenny
me and godmum

DSC_3825b DSC_3838b DSC_3821b DSC_3820b DSC_3824b DSC_3823b

DSC_3850b DSC_3822bfoodDSC_3804b DSC_3801b

DSC_3773b DSC_3866bDSC_3829b DSC_3831b DSC_3832b DSC_3852b

DSC_3849b DSC_3856bDSC_3859b DSC_3861b DSC_3863bwines red & white wine cat DSC_3895b gumamela carlo rossiattic

And…as a gift to everyone who came, we got to choose and take home any of these baby plants!



Here’s what they look like when they’re ‘adults’.DSC_3966b

DSC_3963bDSC_3962b DSC_3951b

Mirror shot.DSC_3957b

The attic space. I just love it here.atticDSC_3948bDSC_3934b

Thank you godmum for inviting us to your lovely home.


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