Natural Detox recipe

Don’t we all love blended fruits and veggies? I got inspired last week by mommy Donna from my support group about a detox recipe that was recommended to her by Dr Tinio, an Integrative medicine doctor who specializes in nutritional and complementary medicine.

Those who are constipated will really benefit from this:

detox-1It’s a simple recipe that you can find in the veggies corner.

detox2You don’t have to buy laxatives.

detox4If you like to add bananas, go ahead.  Just load them all up in the blender, or juicer whichever your prefer.

detox3detox6detox5If you want it sweet, just add honey. You can also add soy milk or almond milk for added flavor. Hmm, I tell you, it tastes so delish!

TIP from tita Lui: Soak veggies (organic or not)  in vinegar or baking soda for 10 minutes before juicing.

Enjoy your healthy food!

Mommy Cel


10 thoughts on “Natural Detox recipe

  1. Oh I super need this after all the unhealthy binging I did! I used to make veggie and fruit smoothies all the time but didn’t know I was supposed to soak them in vinegar. Thanks for the tip!!


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