Tough times never last


We made one of the biggest decision and sacrifice for Maia. Hubby left to work abroad, and we wouldn’t be attempting to get physically separated if not for the meager joint income. Maia needs all the care and therapy we can give her.

We didn’t fail to communicate and trust in each other, and trust in God. It filled the void and the loneliness.

We miss each other plus the little girl. Out of our situation, I am slowly picking up the role of a mother and a father. I am progressively getting strong, making most decisions in the house. I don’t want to bother hubs for petty things, as long as I can work it out myself. Now this gave me a picture of how it’s like to be a single mom.

All I think of is, things will pass. We will eventually see each other soon.

maia oloan

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” – Robert H Schuller


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