Rest Assured

My ebook reader has been taken away from me (not complaining) so I digged my cabinet to find something to read. It was perfect timing that I picked this little blue book.

DSC_2714I haven’t finished the whole devotional yet, even so it speaks to me, especially in my personal circumstance. Let me share with you a few notes from the Intro:

“I began to learn that the more rested I was spiritually, the stronger I was physically. Busy people are always looking for rest – spiritual peace and contentment – but often in all the wrong places. We look for rest on vacations, in recreation, in spending sprees, in changing relationships, in careers, in the accomplishments of our children – all the while not realizing that real rest is found only in God through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.” Nancy McGuirk

I have come to a low point in my life which is painful and depressing. I am so thankful that despite everything, God often nudge me that I am not the only one suffering.


Yesterday, a friend dropped by the office to get some papers and the conversation led to Maia. She didn’t know about my daughter’s condition, but she feels sorry I have to go through this. “Our suffering is our offering..prayer is what I can give her..” she reminded me.


This little book is what I need right now. Do get a copy of this, it’s a wonderful book for souls who need strength and peace.






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