This rainy week set me into a mood of browsing  blogs, hot coffee, finishing a good book, and a little idle on writing.
mariqiaGood news is, I’m glad I got into the Blogapalooza list.  I just heard about it last month, immediately registered and happy I received a welcome confirmation.

Blogapalooza is a community. This gives a chance for small and big businesses to present their products or services to bloggers.

I’m excited to meet other bloggers, see new products and yes, freebies!

Blogapalooza InstagramFor businesses who want to promote their product/service, sign up HERE.


2 thoughts on “Blogapalooza

  1. Hi! I was wondering since you’re also quite new to Blogapalooza and I’m no less than a newbie myself, do you want to meet up on Saturday? I’m going there alone and basically don’t know any fellow blogger. It would be nice to meet someone and tag along. Let me know. 🙂

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