Three Years


Three Years. Three years of fighting and not losing hope.

Today is Maia’s 3rd birthday. The three years that went by so fast have molded my baby girl into a warrior in her own way.

I remember when I gave birth three years ago, it was a rainy morning. Today, exactly three years after, I still get to feel the raindrops.

We might not be able to arrange for her a fancy party for practical reasons aka budget constraints, but we as parents know that the best gift we can give her is enduring Love.  God didn’t send her to us by mistake.

She helped me learn about life, particularly being on time and keen on details. Her medicines are supposed to be given at the exact hour. Every little move she makes especially when she’s asleep jolts me right out of bed. I familiarized myself on the most mild attacks, like absence seizures which looks like she’s under a spell. It’s still a seizure. Ok, that’s pretty much a little peek of caring for someone with a seizure disorder.

I admit that her delayed milestones have cultivated a melancholic side of me, but I am grateful everyday that she is with us. That is also the struggle I have to battle. There will be more that she will have to develop and we will be there for her always.

A friend mentioned, “…atleast now, you are more closer to God. ” And it’s true. I fought with God numerous times, I cried and asked and begged. But I’s time to listen.

I hope that she will be blessed with more years to come.

Again, happy birthday to you my baby Maia. We love you.


Mommy Cel



8 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. “God didn’t send her to us by mistake.” True! And it seems that everyday she is fulfilling a godly purpose through the transformation she is effecting in your lives! Happy birthday Maia!


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